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Hiper Mas

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Call: (506) 2288 4270 | Address: Escazu, Waterfront Trejos Montealegre Shopping Center

We drive to Escazu almost every weekend, just to go to Hiper Mas. They have pretty much everything we need to stock our pantry and more. The other commenter mentioned that there are "huge crowds", but I've found that it depends on what day and time you go. We can usually, get in and out really quickly. If only the had another location a little closer to us.

Categories: Shopping, Groceries, Food & Drink, Electronics, Department Stores

MultiPlaza Mall

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Call: 2201-6025 | Address: located in GuachipelĂ­n de EscazĂș, on the Santa Ana Freeway, adjacent to the Hotel Real Intercontinental Plaza Roble Corporate Center.

The Multiplaza Mall is giant American style mall. They have the standard food court, movie theater and even a Auto Mercado grocery store. There is pretty much every store you can think of and several you've never heard of.

Categories: Shopping Centers, Shopping

Call: 2201-5025 | Address: Multiplaza

I recently had my laptop stolen and was need of another MacBook. So, I headed over to the Multiplaza to seek out the Apple Store. I originally couldn't find it, because it's not called the Apple Store. Icon is the authorized Apple dealer in Costa Rica. Except for the name being different, everything else say Apple Store. I had a great experience at this store. I found what I needed and they even threw in a couple of extras. I highly recommend Icon. Actually, I had a better experience here, than I ever have at a Apple Store in the

Categories: Shopping, Computers

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